Hold up, I’ll correct that for you…

Actual BBC headline:

Travel terror security stepped up

What they meant to say:

Travel terror security theatre stepped up

There, that’s better

Look, just for a start, at screening at major train stations: how, precisely, is that supposed to help? If you’re a bomber, will you then:

a) Start your journey at a smaller train station without bag/strip searches, or

b) erm, well that’s about it really.

This is security theatre, pure and simple. Clearly the only logical next step is to assume that anyone at a small train station is deliberately and maliciously avoiding security at the big stations and – therefore – is a terrorist.

Which fits; if you protest at a Labour conference, you’re a terrorist. Brazillian electrician? That’s a terrorist (and an execution, a character assasination, etc. etc.) Arms protestor? Terrorist. Small train station user: clearly and obviously a terrorist.


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