A calm and reasoned response

This is clearly a calm and reasoned response to naming a bear SmithMuhamed:

Marchers chanted “Shame, shame on the UK”, “No tolerance – execution” and “Kill her, kill her by firing squad”.

Yup, that’s a calm, rational and reasonable response alright. Where else have we seen this reaction? Oh.

Incidentally, I noted when this was first reported various comments such as thisone, reported on the BBC:

“This was a completely innocent mistake. Miss Gibbons would have never wanted to insult Islam.”

What the hell has that got to do with the price of fish? This was the same argument used by British newspapers when they refused to publish the notorious Danish cartoons, and the same argument used when criticising the Rushdie knighthood, “don’t insult Islam”. I think, if we can take any lesson from this, we can now agree that it is impossible not to insult some faction of Islamist extremism in the most innocuous of daily activities, so isn’t it about time the press and politicians stopped trying?

It shouldn’t matter if it was intended to insult Islam or not. That should not in any country in the world be a criminal offence. It should not be illegal in Sudan, it should not be illegal in Saudi Arabia, and it should not be illegal in the UK.


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