More allied insanity

Once more, our loyal allies, the Saudi’s, have demonstrated that they are sane allies.

Human Rights Watch has appealed to Saudi Arabia to halt the execution of a woman convicted of witchcraft.

WTF?! Witchcraft?! What the hell is “witchcraft” supposed to mean? Does it mean pretending to be psychic? Pretending to bend spoons with your mind? Pretending that sugar-pills are effective medicinal cures? I mean, seriously, these are bad things to do, but the death sentence? A fine and a ban from running a business for 5 years should suffice. Of course, being Saudi Arabia, this is none of them; according to Human Rights Watch:

They never even made an inquiry as to whether she could have been responsible for allegedly supernatural occurrences, such as the sudden impotence of a man she is said to have “bewitched.”

Nope, she’s supposed to have bewitched a man to become impotent. And what does bewitched mean? Again from Human Rights Watch:

Saudi Arabia does not have a written penal code, and “witchcraft”


is not a defined crime

Seriously, what the hell is going on here?

For me, the real kicker is this though:

The confession which the defendant was forced to fingerprint was not even read out to her, the group says.

Also Ms Falih and her representatives were not allowed to attend most of the hearings.

These are genuine concerns, and if nothing else, this case highlights the fact that the Saudi law system is seriously screwed. But let’s look at the root here: she’s being sentenced to death for witchcraft!! You might as well sentence her to death for reading Harry Potter (at least according ‘Christian Answers’, although even they don’t go so far as sentencing J K Rowling to death…). Do these people really believe that there are dark magical systems that can cause a man to go impotent by summoning demons? And these people are being given some serious military hardware? That’s just scary.

 (hat tip: Greg Laden


2 Responses to More allied insanity

  1. armchairdissident says:

    Incidentally, it does occur to me that if faithcatalyst is reading this: the Saudi courts believe in the god Dawkins is attacking.

  2. Karim says:

    I lived in Saudi Arabia for 8 years, and I remember hearing several stories about people being jailed for witchcraft. The stories I heard usually involved housekeepers or maids being sexually abused, often times with the woman rejecting the male’s advances, only to be reported by the abuser to the country’s moral police for ludicrous charges such as these. It’s good that these stories are making it to international media outlets, since it is much harder to convict people of witchcraft with a straight face while the world is watching.

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