Somewhat embarrassing I would think.

This is the RSVP form for a film called “Expelled”, a movie claiming that because Intelligent Design isn’t science it should therefore be allowed in science schools. The fact that it’s not is clearly a demonstration that scientists are nazis and communists. (Insert sarcasm as appropriate. Note, opinion based on those journalists that had enough integrity to not sign non-disclosure agreements).

On the RSVP, you will note the requirements, “Once you’re confirmed, your name will be on the list. No cellphones/bags blah blah blah”, but not much beyond that.

And this is the work of a thoroughly dishonest hack called Kevin Miller, who claims that this happened because:

The reason? He wasn’t invited.

Well, strictly speaking he wasn’t invited, but that’s for an extremely good reason: it was not an invitation-only event. Ergo, the reason that PZ Myers was kicked out was not, and could not be, because he wasn’t invited. It was because the producers of Expelled recognised someone who they duped into appearing in the film, but were similarly too stupid to recognise possibly the world’s most famous atheist, and religious critic, Richard Dawkins.

It’s at times like this you wish there was an intelligent designer, just so she could be utterly mortified at creating the morons that comprise the ID movement.


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