Up yours Nisbett: whereupon I lose it.

Via Pharyngula I see that Matt Nisbett of Framing Science infamy, has decided that PZ Myers and Dawkins are not fit to present science to the public.

F*ck you Nisbett. You don’t get to decide who speaks for science. You don’t get to decide who discusses science in public and who doesn’t. Science is not a religion. It has no central power. It has no dogma or holy text, and no-one dictates who speaks about it, and you, Nisbett, are not the bloody Pope. Far from it.

I’ve got news for you Nisbett: I’m an atheist largely because books by people like Dawkins showed me I’d been lied to for 20 years. You don’t like that? Well up yours.

I do.

What I don’t like is the fact that people like Ben Steins are lying to people. I don’t like the fact that those lies will penetrate churches, and that people – like myself 13 years ago – who are ill-equipped with the facts to counter those lies will believe those lies. And I really, really, don’t like the fact that people like you, who pretend to support science, are pulling out every rhetorical trick in the book to try to ensure that people – like I was 13 years ago – will not get good science from the mouths of scientists.

Up yours Nisbett.

I am really pissed off. Nisbett, it would seem, would prefer that christians not be confronted with the realities of science.



5 Responses to Up yours Nisbett: whereupon I lose it.

  1. Anonymous Prof says:

    Bravo! Well said. Note that Nisbett does not even have a degree in science….

  2. armchairdissident says:

    It doesn’t bother me so much that he doesn’t have a degree in science – I don’t either, but I’m very interested in it and read a lot about it – but it does bother me that he has a degree in communications, and he can’t communicate.

    He keeps badgering on about “framing”, and how, if only we could find the right “frame” everyone would suddenly accept science; yet he not only overlooks the assumption that religious objections to science are not based on reason, he can’t even find the right frame for making that argument! If he feels that this kind of rhetoric is going to win over the scientists he’s castigating, then why should we for one minute believe that his approach will win over the hostile religious element?

  3. VillagePlank says:

    Science *doesn’t* object to belief in a deity – although, I suspect, most people, on the basis of moral fortitude would find that organising such a belief in manner to turn a profit highly objectional!

    Science simply finds no basis for argument, in belief, either way. Belief, in a paranormal sense, is based on the existence of God (or a god, or a spiritual world (etc etc), whichever you prefer) and there are *no* grounds for a rational argument in either direction. Agnosticism, I think is the word; but I’m sure that as an atheist you’d find that a little too ‘sitting on the fence’ for your liking.

    (and drop me an email, your old one doesn’t work!!)

  4. armchairdissident says:

    Morning Mark, fancy seeing you here.

    I made the claim that the religious do not base their objections to science on sound reason, but on purely religious beliefs, which are not open to reason.

    This has precisely nothing to do with whether or not there is a rational reason for belief in gods or the supernatural. However, there are very good reasons for stating that the likelihood of there being such a supernatural world are vanishingly small; to the extent that it is both unreasonable to believe in such a world, and utterly ludicrous to ascribe attributes to that world based on no evidence whatsoever.

  5. […] agnosticism and atheism: opening a can of worms Yesterday, I received a reply to a post, which raised the old question of agnosticism vs atheism (and, by extension, vs. theism). […]

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