Good riddance

As my dad used to say, Good riddance to bad rubbish:

 When the Labour government’s Sexual Orientation Regulations were passed last year, the leadership of the Catholic Church in England and Wales warned that the new law would spell the end of Catholic involvement in social service, particularly adoption. Now the first of the UK’s Catholic adoption agencies affected are announcing they will close their doors for good rather than betray religious principles and their guiding principle of the good of the child.

In other words, “The law requires us not to be bigoted a-holes.  We are a bunch of bigoted a-holes, so we’re taking our ball and going home”. Of course the catholic church is claiming that it isn’t a bunch of bigoted a-holes:

Contrary to common accusations that Catholics are trying to unjustly discriminate against homosexuals

See? They’re not discriminating against homosexuals, they’re just:

the Catholic Church holds that its motivation is rather the desire to protect the best interests of children.

They’re just protecting the best interests of children.  Why?

The Church teaches, according to recent documents from the former Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, that allowing a child to be adopted by homosexual partners “would actually mean doing violence to these children” by placing them into a situation where their full social and spiritual development would be threatened.

They’re not bigoted, because placing children with homosexual parents would be doing violence to them. Words fail me — I am beyond disgusted.

The only reason that this view can be published with a straight face is because the catholic church is a religious organisation. The only reason that the government acts on the contemptible views of the catholic church is because it is a religious organisation. But can we finally lay to rest the view that the catholic church is any kind of “moral” organisation!  It’s bigotry and misogyny knows no bounds and it is utterly devoid of shame.  Any right-thinking person would be ashamed to hear themselves make the utterances we all too frequently hear from the catholic church and its self-appointed clerics. But then, I suppose, we’ve never heard the catholic church claim to be right-thinking, only “infallible”.


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