Missing The Point

September 21, 2007

Via the National Secular Society, I came across this example of a good catholic completely missing the point.  Arguing that the Catholic Church’s recent decision to cut ties with Amnesty International, the letter writer states:

  Not because it is indifferent to the awful sufferings of women made pregnant through rape or lack of birth-control facilities, but because it faces an almighty dilemma. Is the child in the womb a human being or not?        

This is simply not true.  The Catholic Church is not just against abortion, the Catholic Church is against any and all forms of ‘birth-control facilities’.  Let’s be quite clear on this: the Catholic position is not that abortion is bad because “abortion is murder”, or whatever other slogans the self-styled “pro-life” organisations come up with, the Catholic position is that “abortion is contraception”, and – according to Catholic doctrine – all contraception is bad. So the Catholic Church simply does not recognise the dilemma this  person would like it to.

 The Church’s position is utterly indefensible irrespective of one’s position on abortion per-se, because the Church’s position on abortion is simply an extension of its ridiculous notion that any and all forms of contraception is “a sin”.

 Arguments can be made for and against abortion at given stages of development, but when made by the Catholic Church they are disingenuous, because the Church does not want to simply stop women having access to safe, legal abortion facilities, they want to stop women having access to any form of birth-control facilities whatsoever.